28 Days Later – A Retrospect

What was that he said? Oh yes, something like …. *thumbs through training notes*

December 5th was the last day of our introduction to Holacracy practitioner trading and what an amazing 5 days it was.

Mixed in with some new and innovative ways to conduct business meetings was an underlying philosophy that threatens to revolutionise the way business is conducted forever.

I know that’s a bold claim but hear me out – there is substance behind these words…

Most businesses are dysfunctional and most of those know this to be true. They have in-house politics, their employees build allegiances that will benefit their particular cause and there are unresolved issues that are too overwhelming to deal with that they get put in the “too hard basket”.

It all sounds a bit like “Game of Thrones” really!

But there is a better way, and it doesn’t require anything like engagement and buy-in but, ironically (and you’ll encounter this word a lot) it manifest all this and much more.

Imaging a meeting where someone can bring an issue, be legitimately heard and have their issue resolved without compromise. And that there are clear outcomes for that issue at the end of the meeting.

This process is so effective that one company reported that after one such meeting, albeit an extended one, they managed to resolve a difficult issue that had been plaguing their business for over 7 years! Quite an achievement.

Wow! I’m starting to sound like a bit of a fanboy but I guess it’s true, too.

I see some huge benefits in the ways businesses can be more effective in what they do and isn’t that what we want? To do what we do as best we can?

But Holacracy isn’t just about meeting processes, there is much more to it than that and I encourage you to find some time in your busy schedule to block out an hour, get a fresh coffee and browse through the Holacracy website.

And if you have any questions you know where to find me…


Welcome to Stephan @ Telus Partners new Blog

Welcome to my new blog this blog will be dedicated to my thoughts, ramblings and insights with relations to my new Venture Telus Partners. Telus Partners will be a leading edge Business Training and Consulting firm based in Australia.

Telus Partners will provide concrete process’s and practices to business seeking to stop worrying about how to run the business so they can get on with job o f getting things done.

This will be done through the use of some amazing tools and technologies available that help organisations to evolve and achieve their real purpose. It is not about highly intellectual or theoretic ideas but concrete practices and process’s that can free the organisation to evolve and develop as it needs.

The main benefits are a more productive and efficient organisation that can quickly respond and grow within its environment, a defined clarity providing a better and happy workplace and less friction in the organisation increasing productivity and profits.