TELUS Partner is a new breed of organisational coaching, consultancy and training company utilizing a real-world-tested social technology called Holacracy. Holacracy is for purposeful organisations and radically changes how an organization is structured, how decisions are made, and how power is distributed.

TELUS Partners provides a fresh approach to organising the organisation around the work it does rather than the people who are in it. This allows for a totally transformative approach to organisational development, structure and culture. As well as paving the way to develop repeatable focus and dynamic processes that streamline the organisation and allow it to get on with the work of completely dominating its market.

The central tool that TELUS partners employ to bring this transformative change to organisations is Holacracy a new management technology for distribution power and authority in purpose-driven organisation’s. In hand with this TELUS partners employs a number of other leading-edge tools and frameworks to support the organisation in becoming what it needs to be to be successful.

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Phone: 0417 993 858

Registered Trading Address:

L1 620 Newcastle St, Leederville W.A. 6007

Stephan Jenner

Principal Consultant

Organisation Structure, Holacracy, Getting Things Done (GT), Business Coach, WA Tongmaster

Stephan is the Founder of Telus Partners and brings a new and fresh perspective on building dynamic organizations as well as high performing teams. A passionate student of personal and business organizational systems, he has had the great privilege of working with leaders to positively impact their organizations in both their bottom-line results and their organizational structure. As a Principal Consultant with the firm, Stephan has been recognized for his high-impact sessions that generate relevant and immediate outcomes for leaders within organizations.

Stephan works regularly with leadership teams in quickly and effectively applying the concepts captured in a multitude of organisational and personal frameworks that include Holacracy, GTD (Getting Things Done) and Making a Difference. His clients span a broad spectrum of various industries, including technology, professional services and non-profit.

Stephan’s passion for helping organizations, and the leaders within them, has driven his success as a consultant with Telus Partners. He has worked with many leaders and teams around Australia, always ensuring that his speeches, workshops, and consulting sessions are practical, engaging, and actionable.

Stephan began his career as an IT Professional with over 29 years of experience quickly establishing himself as a consummate leader. He ran a number of large IT departments before starting his own professional IT services business. Being a serial entrepreneur he established a number of other successful business’s before becoming the first Holacracy certified coach in the Asia Pacific Region. Stephan has over 20 years of organisational Management experience. He holds an undergraduate degree in information systems, and an MBA from Edith Cowan University. He is a certified in a range of organizational frameworks and tools including:

Holacracy Certified Coach,

GTD Certified Trainer

Certified Making a Difference facilitator

Tribal Leadership Facilitator

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“Stephan’s work with my executive team yielded substantial results almost immediately. Our team is more focused, effective and communicates better on the important issues of the business.”

—CFO, Mining Services Company

“Stephan is a true professional and has inspired our team so much so that we continue to have him back. He has provided us with the tools that we need to produce tangible results. We are certainly on our way to functioning better as a team.”

—General Manager, NFP