Holacracy Thoughts from the Trenches: Stop Strangling you Roles

Holacracy Roles Purposes and Accountabilities

Early in the practice, we get tied up in our accountabilities they can sometimes be seen as the limit of our work. It is important to remember that it is the purpose that is what drives our Roles it is the purpose that provides our authority in the Role and allows us to take any action or project we deem necessary to attain that purpose. Our accountabilities are obligations of the Role from other Roles in the Circle. Accountabilities are what is expected of our Role from other Roles not the limits of the work to be performed. As we settle into the Role it is important to remember we energise the Role best and the Circle and Organisation by striving to fulfil the purpose of the role not just performing the accountabilities.

As we mature in our energising the Role, we also need to remember that the purpose when we initially take on a role should also is not the ultimate boundary of the Role. It is a placeholder put in place by the circle for what it believes is need now from the Role. As you energise the Role, you need to re-evaluate regularly its purpose, its fit in the Organisation. Where you see the purpose limiting the roles ability or opportunities to enhance, your Circles purpose you should propose changes. Allowing the Role to grow just like we as humans constantly re-evaluate our reason for being here and adapting to our world.

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