Discover the Holacracy fundamentals with your executive team

A one-day experiential workshop (Taster Day) will introduce your executive team to Holacracy™ fundamentals, conduct interactive simulations, and facilitate discovery discussions for the purposes of uncovering the efficacy of Holacracy™ within your environment.

This will integrate and/or highlight, where practical, your current business opportunities/issues/tensions to illustrate how the practice of Holacracy™ might address such scenarios.


  • Unpack Holacracy™ fundamentals: Basic content to begin running simulations and opening space for dialog
  • Holacracy™ as a Tension Processing Engine: Illustrate how Holacracy™ sorts and addresses tension; highlight the four ways to process any tension.
  • Simulations: Governance Meeting with Integrative Decision-Making and Tactical Meeting to uncover next-actions
  • Working Session/Q&A: Revisit topics, cover structure, double linking, structural roles and next steps

 In Brief

  • Experience triaging real work issues through Holacracy meeting and decision-making processes
  • Explore how Holacracy would impact your organization