Wouldn’t you like to harness the potential of the people powering your organisation? Using cutting-edge social technology Holacracy does just that, and so much more.

Utilising real-world-tested social technology and advocating purposeful organisation, Holacracy radically improves organizational structures, how decisions are made and how power is distribute.

TELUS Partners encompasses Holacracy’s philosophy through business coaching, consultancy and training.

Some key benefits to adopting Holacracy are:

  • The implementation of highly effective and efficient Tactical Meetings which keep the organisation in sync and transparent
  • Transforming work processes, unblocking bottlenecks and clearly defining authority and expectations through dynamic and systematic governance processes
  • Reducing politics and defining clear workflows to positive actions with comprehensive processes
  • Adapting to the shifting external pressures and opportunities while staying competitive in a healthy working environment

In just half a day, you’ll receive a thorough and experiential introduction to Holacracy. This fast-paced and concise workshop is delivered in a single session providing participants a cost-effective and accessible first step. After this event, you’ll be ready to attend any Practitioner Certification Training course.

Learning Objectives

In this training, participants will:

  • Experience a transformative governance process that creates crystal clear roles and accountabilities even while dynamically evolving as-needed
  • Interactively explore Holacracy’s self-organising structure and double-linking paradigm, and learn how it scales across organisations small and large.
  • Experience Holacracy’s lightning-quick, action-focused Tactical Meetings
  • Connect the dots to see Holacracy’s end-to-end approach to move from aim to action, and how to grounds an abstract purpose in concrete next-actions.