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Getting Things Done (GTD®), Mastering Workflow

Your mind is

The GTD Concept: Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them. That’s why David Allen created Getting Things Done®. GTD is the work-life management system that has helped countless individuals and organizations bring order to chaos with stress-free productivity.

After decades of in-the-field research and practice of his productivity methods, David wrote the international best-seller Getting Things Done. Published in over 28 languages, TIME magazine heralded it as “the defining self-help business book of its time.”  GTD enables greater performance, capacity, and innovation. It alleviates the feeling of overwhelm—instilling focus, clarity, and confidence.

Popular GTD Endorsements:

  • “GTD is in every corner of the corporate globe” – Business Week
  • “The GTD system is a revelation” – Fortune Magazine
  • “Getting Things Done – the defining book of its time” – Time Magazine
  • “Getting Things Done offers help building the new mental skills needed in an age of multitasking and overload.” — Sue Shellenbarger, The Wall Street Journal

GTD Clients: Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, KPMG, Accenture, Nike, Sony, Adidas, Novartis, VISA, New York Life, BT, Sun MicroSystems, Harvard University, The Washington Post, Amgen, Xerox, Siemens, Cisco, MetLife, Invensys, Monsanto, Zurich Financial, General Mills, Infosys, AstraZeneca, McDonalds, NASA, Starbucks, GE, Herman Miller, Edward Jones, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Clorox, Pharmacia, John Hancock, Yahoo!, American Red Cross, Deloitte, Qualcomm, Nestle, and many more.

Key Benefits

  • “I am a devout, card-carrying GTD true believer. I got hooked 15 years ago… and the entire approach has boosted not only my productivity but also my wider well-being. But what amazes me just as much is how deeply GTD has taken hold around the world. Unlike the short-term, confected virality we often see in the digital age, this is a genuine movement… one that has already improved lives and will continue to improve many more.”  —Daniel Pink, Author
  • “The GTD system has opened up doors in my life, both personal and professional, that I did not know were possible. It has shaped my way of living and continues to help me be as innovative and creative as possible. Most importantly, it helps me be strategic and efficient so I have more time to do the things I enjoy—like spending time with my family and coaching/sport development with volleyball, baseball, and snowboarding.”  —Jeff Boliba, Burton Snowboards
  • “Getting Things Done offers help building the new mental skills needed in an age of multitasking and overload.”  —Sue Shellenbarger, The Wall Street Journal
  • “GTD allows me to be present and to show up fully in the moment.” —Louis Kim, Hewlett Packard (HP)

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