Organisational Coaching

Utilising a number of methods Telus Partners can coach the entire organisation through specific issues and difficult change. Be it the implementation of Holacracy or more grounded issues. Telus Partners coaches can provide real world practical solutions to your organisations problems.

Coaching at any level begins and ends with relationships. Our team of trained and credentialed coaches are committed to building relationships that will impact your life, both personally and professionally.

A coach specializes in the science of you.  Leadership coaching differs from strategic consulting and therapeutic counseling.  Though each has its own training and accreditation, the leadership coach strives through trust and relationship to see the leader fulfill his/her potential.

Coaching is designed to be motivational, relational, and action driven.  The coach helps the leader to see where they are personally or professionally, determine where they would like to be, and then help them get there.


Life Coaching

Life Coaching provides employees with a trained professional who will listen and offer guidance in dealing with day to day issues that arise within a company. Our coaches are trained to work with human resource professionals in order to identify employee issues that may disrupt daily operations. They know when to refer employees to counseling and other professional services. Life coaches allow employees exposure to a resource that offers practical and effective tools. Areas addressed by Telus Partners life coaches include: conflict resolution, stress, lack of motivation, communication breakdown as well as other relational issues. Our coaches understand the importance of work flow and are trained not to distract employees from being productive. In fact, after working with our life coaches, many employees become more productive and motivated in their work environment.


Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching provides leaders within your company a valuable resource for developing leadership skills. The greatest asset a leader possess is the ability to make good decisions. Establishing a relationship with one of our leadership coaches will significantly raise your leadership lid. Having someone to walk with you, speak into your life and ask the right questions brings immeasurable value to your leadership. Areas addressed by our Telus Partners Leadership Coaches include: building effective teams, developing and sustaining a strong culture, creating accountability, personal growth strategy, and advancing to the next level. Leadership coaching has proven to be one of the most powerful tools in maintaining effective leadership.

 Energy Coaching

Energy coaching addresses individual capacity as the foundation for sustainable high performance. Focusing on individuals the behaviours that fuel their physical energy, increase their emotional resilience, sharpen their capacity for focus, and strengthen their sense of purpose. By increasing awareness  and building deeply-embedded Energy Rituals – highly specific behaviours done at precise times – coaches can make behaviour changes that last, so that they can be fully engaged when they’re working, and truly renewing when they’re not.

Engagement Coaching

Employee engagement occurs when employees are led to find intrinsic value in their company or organization. Telus Partners engagement coaches provide one on one interaction with employees aimed at increasing employee loyalty, satisfaction, and productivity. The results are proven, impact-full, and cost effective. Providing engagement coaching will significantly impact the overall effectiveness and sustainability of the employee engagement process.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Training

To bring about organization-wide change, our coaches can provide training sessions to groups of managers who want to become better leaders. Sessions around the five dysfunctions model are designed to teach managers the skills, disciplines and requirements for leading high performing teams.

Managing for Employee Engagement Training

Training sessions around the three signs model help managers create a fulfilled and engaged workforce. Managers will gain a better understanding of the requirements of job fulfillment, assess their own management style, learn how to foster commitment, productivity and morale and create an action plan.